The IEE is a living resource, and we invite you to help us shape it with your feedback*. Please write your suggestion for improvement in the comments stream below. Alternatively, any confidential or sensitive feedback may be emailed to us here.

For instance:

  • Are there specific entries that should be updated or amended? In what ways specifically?
  • Are there any specific entries that you feel are missing? Who should write them?
  • What extra resources (online or otherwise) could we provide that would be useful to you in your teaching or research activities?

*Comments will be monitored and regularly passed to the editors for consideration. We reserve the right not to approve comments that we deem inappropriate. Any confidential or sensitive feedback may be emailed to us here.


4 Responses to Feedback

  1. Will there be a way to search the full-text of all entries? All I see is a way to find articles either by title or by subject.

  2. Pete Michaud says:

    Was this book peer reviewed?

    • Hi Pete,

      Yes, extensively. There are over 700 entries arranged in 9 volumes, and each one was reviewed, sometimes more than once. Hugh Lafollette and the international editorial team coordinated an unusually thorough review and revision process.

      Here’s a snippit from a review of the IEE from Booklist:

      “The review process of each entry – each article was vetted by a rigorous blind peer-review process – makes for an authoritative source in ethics, while the international team of expert editors ensures diverse and comprehensive views, particularly on controversial issues.”



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