Using IEE Entries Online / In Class


This short tutorial will show you how to create hyperlinks in your teaching syllabi, linking students directly to any entry in the IEE.


Given the quality of the authors and the careful oversight of the editors, the IEE offers particularly clear expositions of issues and ideas you will likely discuss in your classes. It is a great resource for introducing students to key ideas and important arguments.

The online edition is uniquely valuable for the students who want to access this encyclopedia from their dorms or from home. .

If your library…

  1. …allows people to access their content from off-campus
  2. …has a subscription to the online edition of the IEE

… then it is a simple matter to insert hyperlinks into your syllabus, taking your students directly to any entry, any subsection of any entry, or to any list of resources within any entry.

For example with the entry on Aristotle (by Gabriel Richardson Lear), you can send your students directly to the Full HTML of the article, the PDF, specifically to the sub-section on Happiness and the Highest Good or to the list of References and Further Readings. You might even send them to all available IEE entries on the History of Ethics.


To create hyperlinks like the above in your own online syllabi, follow these simple, step-wise instructions:

1. Go to your library’s off-campus logon screen, and log in as you normally would (note: it is important that you do this from off campus). Your login screen may look something like this:

Campus Logon Example

(Log in as you normally would)

2. Navigate to the IEE from your library catalog and find the entry you wish to link to. The encyclopedia is fully searchable, or you can browse the full list of alphabetical entries.

3. Once you have navigated to the relevant entry (or sub-section), select the entire URL from your address bar, and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl-C).

4. You can now paste this as a hyperlink to the relevant syllabus. If you are using Microsoft Word, highlight the words or characters that you want linked to the IEE, selecting them with your cursor.  Press Ctrl-K, and then enter the copied URL into the space.  Click OK.

Adding Hyperlinks in Word

Once you upload your syllabus to Blackboard or Canvas, or email it directly to your students, they can click on these links to gain access to library resources.

NOTE: The first time in any session, the embedded links will take the student to the instuitutional logon screen.  They will simply enter their ID and Password and click “OK.”  They will then be taken directly to the entry.  For the remainder of that session (until they log out of the library), then can then go directly to other hyperlinked entries.